The Mekong School of Management prepares students to be leaders and experts in the private or public sectors.Course in the school curriculum encompass an international perspective to help prepare graduates to function effectively in the world’s varied cultural, managerial, and business settings. Through school consciousness, you’ll grow in the qualities of leadership most sought after in business: creative problem-solving ability, communications skill, integrity, stability, flexibility, dynamism, and harmony with others. You will also gain the best classical knowledge of management (finance, marketing, production, communication skills, management information systems, etc.).

Program objectives 
1.  To have the best undergraduate management training;
2. To attract students who have some entrepreneurial inclination, some business skills, and interpersonal skills;
3. To equip students with the managerial, leadership, and psychological skills  needed in traditional and modern management of organization; and
4. To produce graduates who are articulate in English and Business terms, which possess interpersonal skills, good business and management abilities and entrepreneurship.